experienced professional

As previous Keynote Speaker, Workshop Presenter, Webinar Presenter, and Commencement Speaker for various organizations, Tevin has cultivated the skills and experience necessary to deliver a message that is sure to energize and motivate your audience.

Tevin customizes presentations based on the needs and message of your event. He also has a focus on speaking about leadership, overcoming adversity, and social-emotional intelligence. 

Contact Tevin today about potential opportunities to speak at your company, school, or organization's next event.


Signature Talks

Forging Your Inner DIamond

Diamonds are rocks that naturally transform deep within the earth. Similar in life we go through that process of transformation. We go through all sorts of pressure, stress, and experiences that forge us into who we are today. This is my signature talk on overcoming adversity and turning our breakdowns into our breakthroughs using my 'Diamond-Four Principle'. Hire me to speak to your organization and let's transform together to become the best versions of ourselves. 

Emotional Intelligence

There is a lack of understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and lack of knowledge in the trends of our generation and how they impact our daily lives. This talk serves to bridge that gap of understanding and advocate for the importance of EQ impacting our lives and the state in which we live our lives.  Hire me to speak to your organization and let's improve the state of your relationships and environment through the art of Emotional Intelligence. 

Leadership versus leadership in the sciences

Leadership is a universal talked about topic, but what is leadership today and how does it differ in the sciences? This talk serves as an engaging discussion between facilitator and the audience on what skills are needed to succeed in the professional world, in particular the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. Hire me to speak to your organization and let's cultivate the skills in leadership necessary for you to succeed.