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Challenge Students to Graduate with a Major and a Mission, Powerful Message from Tevin Ali, Florida’s Student of the Year
— Christine Barrow, Dean of STEM Division at Prince George's Community College
Tevin, I truly enjoyed your presentation and think your topic is very timely. You are so charismatic and this kind of presentation fits firmly within your wheelhouse- you are skilled at making somewhat convoluted and potentially dry topics engaging. You are crystal clear in your communication and had a good cadence to hold our interest. You do not simply speak, you use your voice like a tool, modulating it in tone and volume to lead us through this journey.
— Anonymous
This was such an inspiring speech that we had to share - commencement speaker, Tevin Ali, had a phenomenal message for all #TWCSummer16 Interns
— The Washington Center, Washington D.C.
Tevin worked tirelessly to ensure he delivered a dynamic motivational speech to his peers, which he did, earning enthusiastic praise from students, staff, and other stakeholders.
— Mashaal A., Senior Manager of The Washington Center
From the heart you are a shining star.
Your story is compelling and your message to young people, extraordinary and vital.

See you on TED TALKS everywhere
Such a role model we all see in you.
— Edie Fraser, Founder & Chairman of STEMconnector
Everyone who has encountered Tevin has enthusiastically and wholeheartedly agreed that he is more than deserving of this award. They all recognize that students of Tevin’s caliber only apperar a few times in a career.
— mariana c, coordinator, internships & co-ops, FAU career center
Listened to Tevin Ali, getting us all fired up at the SHECSummit. STEM Blueprint: Driving Innovation in Higher Education
— Lisa Wininger, US DOE Office of Science

Something I always personally admired about Tevin is his warm-hearted personality, which brings a bright energy and leaves everyone with a smile. Tevin has a remarkable mix of interpersonal, business, communications, and leadership skills that are sure to leave a meaningful contribution to any project or team he is a part of. Even more impressive is the ease and skill with which Tevin communicates a difficult topic and transforms even the most esoteric subject into a compelling and appealing message.
— -MaryBeth FAU
Tevin is truly an ‘ace of all trades’. The staff at TRIO is better, in terms of professional development, leadership skills and emotional intelligence, for having worked with Tevin. I am better for having worked with him.
— Yessenia, Founder of ERC